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Everything You Say



Nakedbeatz Music is thrilled to present the latest banger from the dynamic Mark Track, titled “Everything You Say.” Following his sensational tracks that have set dance floors ablaze, Mark Track returns with a  single that promises to be a staple in every DJ’s playlist.

“Everything You Say” is an electrifying track that embodies the essence of a dance floor anthem. At its core is a rumbling baseline that resonates with the energy of a packed club, ensuring that no foot stays still. The pace of the track is addictively fast, crafted to escalate the energy levels to new heights.

The highlight of this track is its catchy vocal hook - “Everything You Say.” The lyrics are not just words; they’re an infectious mantra that captures the listener’s imagination, compelling them to sing along. This vocal hook is masterfully intertwined with the track’s dynamic beats, creating a harmonious blend that is both invigorating and memorable.

Mark Track’s production prowess shines through in every element of this track. From the meticulously crafted baseline to the strategically placed hooks, every aspect is designed to deliver a sonic experience that is both exhilarating and euphoric.


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