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DJ, Producer and Nakedbeatz Music Business Partner

Arceye UK, born in South London in 1980, is a versatile music artist with a deep passion for a wide range of genres. Influenced by legends such as Bob Marley, Burning Spear, Rick James, and Nas , Arceye's musical journey encompasses Reggae, Soul, Rare Groove, Hip Hop and more.

Arceye's love for music started at a young age, attending raves like World Dance when he was just 14. Exposed to the vibrant sounds of dub, jungle, and various sub-genres, he found himself drawn to the energetic beats and infectious rhythms. Immersed in the scene, Arceye collected tapes of World Dance and A.W.O.L in the mid '90s, fueling his growing love for the music.

With a desire to share his passion with others, Arceye began mixing soul and reggae using his father's record collection in his bedroom. Eventually playing music for friends at local house parties, he quickly gained recognition as a talented local DJ. Soon after, Arceye made his debut on the renowned radio station Breeze FM, collaborating with artists such as S.L.B and 2SHY, among many other budding artists at the time.

As time passed, Arceye continued to showcase his skills at various stations and club events, exploring and experimenting with different styles of drum and bass. In recent years, he has finally delved into producing drum and bass, and is exploring diverse soundscapes. Additionally, Arceye is a part owner of the Nakedbeatz Music Brand, further expanding his artistic endeavours and connecting with a broader audience.

Arceye UK is a dynamic artist, seamlessly blending elements from reggae, soul, rare groove, and his early influences in dub and jungle. With a rich musical background and a passion for creating diverse sound experiences, Arceye's music reflects his journey through different genres and his commitment to pushing boundaries. Expect a fusion of infectious rhythms, soulful melodies, and captivating beats when you dive into the vibrant world of Arceye UK.

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