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DJ, Award Winning Producer, Hazardous Musik Owner & CEO

DJ Papa Gee hails from the East End of London, cutting his teeth in the early underground dance scene, dabbling in a bit of Ragga, and nurturing himself nicely on Lover's Rock, Rare Groove & R'n'B.

The influences of London's pirate stations such as Centre-force, Station FM and Kiss, along with the legendary house parties of the day, helped mould Papa Gee's unique and intriguing flavour matched with his diverse and talented technique, resulting in the interesting and charismatic artist he has become today.

The early influence of Pirate Radio led Papa Gee & Junglist MC to perform live at the Roller Express Bar, giving them the opportunity to perform the supporting sets for The Five + Tenor's which lead them directly to the infamous Jungle Champion Sound Clash where they really made their mark.

By 1996 and with two years playing on Weekend Rush under his belt Papa Gee then went on to Cyndicate FM where he was at the forefront of bringing the Jungle vibes to the region playing with Pure Science, Heat & Sound-clash, to name but a few.

Papa Gee's transition into the studio was firmly cemented when Different Levels introduced Papa to Rizla & MC Stevie Hyper D (RIP) which resulted in the recordings of 'The First Step' Papa Gee's debut album which was immediately signed to Island Records.

By 1997 Papa Gee was spreading his magic on Kool FM and is still one of the stations long-standing much loved DJ's, gracing us with his flavour every Sunday afternoon.

By 1999 Papa Gee & Rampa (Pinnacle) had formed record label DETOX RECORDINGS working alongside DJ Magic from the Prisoner of Technology, jumping on board with Rooney & J-Rise this formidable team where a force to be reckoned with.

With the first release Calabasas & Dark Life, simultaneously Papa Gee was a resident at Twice As Nice, The Coliseum & The End club whilst being instrumental in the formation of the Tiamat Records with MC Piper, which lead to the release of '4 my dogz + Fun-da-birds & F1' a killer track of the day.

2000's Papa Gee has been rolling as the GO GETTERS with MC Curse and Junglist MC playing at Tenner Fever, Heat & Fever, United Dance & Jungle Fever 3, Pure Science, Kool FM Birthday Bash, Telepathy and Pyromaniacs to name but a few. Papa's road trip extended to Athens where he has played many festivals as well. GO GETTERS release their first single I'm A Go Getter along side Inside Information now known as Inside Info before forming his own record label Hazardous Musik in 2008 in which he continues to support the music he loves from The Future Junglist Movement of today.

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