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DJ, Producer, Nakedbeatz Music Owner & CEO

I’m S.L.B. (South London Boy) I started listening to music in general from a nipper from car journeys & other musical influences through growing up. I loved every style of music @ the age of 13/14. I started listening to radio stations such as sunrise and listening to house style acid and thought it was cool with the weird psychedelic noises. Later on I tuned in to a station called Pulse FM and thought it was great DJ’s on there was funny and deffo entertaining and I went to a few record shops where these DJ’s worked and wanted to get involved 3 of the DJ's that come into mind Skie, Nicky Black Market & Nick Power among others.

One day I asked DJ Skie to teach me how to mix and she showed me the basics and left me in the downstairs room of Total Music to adapt to mixin [brave lady letting a scrawny little kid mix]. I would save my dinner money from school to go buy from Blackmarket, Total Music & Music Power and meet up with other listeners from Pulse. And save my dinner money just to text in to the radio and send shouts across London which I thought was amazing been 14+.

My 1st ever rave was @ Lazerdrome called: Future that was on my 16th Birthday on N.Y.E and from then I was hooked on raving/ Clubbing and went to many night @ Roller Express, Astoria, Breakfast Club, Labyrinth, Island Ilford + Paradise Club.

I later got involved in setting up stations, and playing @ squat parties and working in record shops myself, R.O.A.R, Razor Records & Release the Groove.
I have also played on numerous pirate stations Feeling, Breeze, Rude, Rude Awakening, Kool FM & now Eruption.

I worked on an internet radio station called UK Rumble & Nakedbeatz

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