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A K A - Extracted EP - EKOU Recordings / EKOU005

Leeds based super hot prospect #AKA brings you fire on this "#Extracted" Ep! We are very proud to present the work of a producer we truly believe in and that most likely will draw your attention towards him.

This producer had previous releases on #NoxiousRecords and he has a few projects and releases under his sleeve that will be unveiled soon. Drawing inspiration from the likes of #Halogenix, #AlixPerez, #Signal, #Imanu and #Pendulum, #AKA is already a name to keep an eye on.

The "#Extracted" Ep is composed of 4 intrinsically well produced tracks. "#Extracted" and "#Dusk" were produced by the man himself, while "#Exposed" and "#TheOutsider" count with the participation of #Kook and #Manual respectively.

Now get a drink and have fun while enjoying this amazing EP, which will be available for purchase from the 20th of August.



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