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AC13 - Headlights - Onyx Recordings / OBS005

He’s an artist who came to Onyx Recording back in 2019 as someone with so much untapped potential, but he has since grown into one of the most exciting talents in drum and bass. Two years on from AC13’s debut free download release with Onyx, which was a mammoth bootleg of Fugees ‘Fu-Gee-La’, the producer is returning to the label where it all started with the release of his ‘Headlights’ single.

To truly appreciate the significance of this milestone, you have to roll back the years to 2019 when things were a whole lot different to now. AC13 was a fresh name with only a couple of dree downloads in his repertoire, and Onyx was a label operating through a free download model without a paid release to its name. Little did we know that Fugees bootleg would become one of Onyx’s most popular free downloads with nearly 250k views on Soundcloud, and the release that launched the career of one of D&B’s latest success stories.

A lot has happened since then. From AC13 landing releases on Hospital Records, Soulvent Records, Born on Road, RAM Records and most recently Critical Music, to AC13 being booked to play Rampage 2020. That’s not even mentioning the success of the artist’s vocalist alter ego King DeepField. While it’s not credited, we can confirm AC13’s vocals make an appearance on ‘Headlights’…

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