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ADSR - Master Chef E.P - Twist Recordings / TWIST006

If you don't know about Swindon's ADSR yet, this is where to jump on the bandwagon. Having been honing his craft for years, he's caught the attention of Twist Recordings who - as cemented by their recent Conrad Subs release – are on a roll right now.

So, with a title like 'Master Chef' the obvious question is, what's ADSR been cooking up?

The title track lays out a recipe of feelgood summertime samples then melds them with screwface basslines and stomping drums to create an essential weapon for selectors.

And, as if that wasn't enough, ADSR proceeds to take the formula he's established and reshape it into brand new configurations.

Not only does he give us the unapologetically party-focused jump-up banger that is 'The Bread Maker', but he also shows us his stylistic range as he delves into neuro, tech and dancefloor influences with 'Porridge' and 'Microwave'.

Across these four tracks, this artist's demonstrated not only his pristine studio skills, but also his ability to draw influences from across the spectrum without ever losing focus on bringing hype to the dance. With those ingredients combined, it's clear ADSR is on the rise.

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