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Again Saudade - Again Saudade - Inperspective Records / INP033

Again Saudade lives a life deeply interwoven with jungle music. It's his driving obsession, one that began in 1993 at the age of 9 and which saw his previous project - Necrotype - release on labels like 7th Storey Projects, Omni Music and Diamond Life. Obsession requires perfection, however, and by 2020 the Necrotype moniker had lost two key ingredients: real personal integrity, and a sense of musical meaning.

Enter Again Saudade, a new name for a seasoned producer in search of sonic innovation. That's exactly what the self-titled EP is, an innovative six-tracker that launches a fresh creative direction, one that seeks to channel residual thoughts and emotion relating to trauma and abandonment. It's a deeply human, personal piece of music and we're hugely proud to have played a role in forging Again Saudade's renewed sense of artistic identity.

That identity manifests itself in spacious ambiance cut through with hypnotic percussive lines. This EP is a tapestry of soundscapes woven together by a cohesive perspective on jungle with soul, on breaks music with musicality at its core and individuality in every corner. The title track, 'Again Saudade', names this approach with a personal stamp, and its rising crescendos of hypnotic vocal leads and rich, organic drum lines tell a story you will not forget. Short-term memory and skippable superficiality are not to be found here; rather, you'll discover the limits of what jungle can be.

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