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Airstrike & Lyndon Jarr - No Legacy - Static and Strange / SAS004

The second chapter of Static and Strange’s musical narrative takes form through its next digital release, the No Legacy EP.

Diverging from their recent dancefloor output, Airstrike and Lyndon Jarr’s four track episode is an odyssey into deep cinematics, pad-driven aesthetics and progressive rolling synths, yet hardcoded with the energetic rhythm and low-end fury of their bass music roots.

If you are a fan of orchestral celluloid, immersive ambient and rich atmosphere, yet harbour a love of Drum & Bass, Garage and Halftime,` this release should find its way into your playlists and on repeat.

Our next release in early 2023 will be some proper club-ready dancefloor fodder. However, in the meantime, we hope you enjoy the sonics of the label's second release.

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