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Alpha Cuts Volume 2 - ProtoCode / PRTCD0025

International drum & bass imprint ProtoCode return with "Alpha Cuts Volume 2". The eleven-track compilation brings together established and up and coming talents, highlighting the depth of talent in the drum & bass scene as well as the varied nature of the sound.

Esym's 'Decide Or Divide' opens with a stirring build-up; before launching into throbbing slabs of bass and intense percussion. Soaring melodies join them as the track unfolds, giving 'Decide Or Divide' depth and speaker breaking qualities. Crevice deep basslines and echo-drenched melodies give Oryx's 'Anima' a mind-expanding quality, while Dead Zodiac's 'Sub Zero' leads with modulated synths and blistering percussion. Both tracks feel primed for sound system domination.

'PERISH', by GNERLY, is permeated by dark synth blasts, while technical percussion and amorphous melodies are on full display for 666666's 'Dxrk Plxce'. 'Sequence', by Jenske, blends ever-rising background melodies and hyper-distorted bass patterns. Speski's 'Higher' is a maze of euphoric synths, each one flickering like the most vibrant of lights.

Against Odds comes through with 'ParsiFunk', which kicks off with plucked guitar lines and launches into its verse with a set of maximalist, sweeping bass patterns. THIR13EN drops labyrinthine bass riffs on 'Bass Worship', which mutate at will after hitting the speakers, while Transforma & Recall present ribcage shattering synths on their track 'Reload'. Deep Notion closes out “Alpha Cuts, Volume 2” with ‘Mechanism’. It’s a high-octane rush, affecting the body with the deepest bass.

“Alpha Cuts, Volume 2” will land exclusively on Beatport and Spotify 21st February, reaching all digital outlets two weeks later on 7th March

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