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Artsea - Sleep & No More Chances ft Monika Remix (Shadowhearts)

#Artsea is one of Australia's best up and coming producers in the D&B scene. With a slew of self-released gems under his belt across the past few years, his take on the liquid sound is a perfect representation of future-proof technical proficiency. 

Slime is proud to unveil it's first sister label dedicated purely to drum & bass - #Shadowhearts. 

For our fifth release we welcome the Australian producer producer #Artsea to the label for his first full release debut. 

'#Sleep' floats into being on soft chords and saccharine vocals with a subtle jazz-infused feel that wouldn't sound out of place on #LogicalProgression from back in the day. Choppy drums and warm pads compliment the vibe perfectly, as the track helps you drift away into a blissed-out reverie. 

'#NoMoreChances' breaks in on glittering keys and emotive chords before unfurling into a sublime little bass-heavy roller that will immediately find a home in your heart. 

Rising star #Monika drops a great twist on the former track with his remix of 'S#leep', strapping the original's spring-time vibes to a junglewise breakbeat for that extra bounce on the dancefloor. 

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