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BCee & Solah - Say It Loud - BeatsBassLife / beatsbasslife007

BCee returns to BeatsBassLife with SOLAH to release Say It Loud.

BeatsBassLife were honoured to have a BCee track as their first release back in February. Now BCee returns - this time with upcoming vocalist SOLAH to bring you “SAY IT LOUD” which is due for release on 17th June.

The complex instrumental behind Say It Loud is led by string plucks and piano chords which, together with various other elements, have all been expertly produced and arranged by BCee. SOLAH’s sublime vocal performance of her emotive lyrics complete the song and elevate it to the next level.

Say It Loud is an absolute beauty – a stand out liquid track whose uplifting yet laid back vibe make it perfect for parties, poolsides, podcasts or, indeed, anywhere!


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