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BCee - TSC EP - Spearhead Records / SPEAR200

Spearhead Records Present...


1) TSC

2) Not By Sight

3) God Fixation

4) If I Had To Die For Someone

It’s been a time of poignant reflections and landmark moments for Spearhead bossman Steve Jefroy. Last year marked 20 years of his BCee alias while just last month he re-linked with Kubiks, the artist he launched his first ever label with and started this journey on.

Now time for another significant moment as the label unleashes its 200th Spearhead release. And BCee has the honours of curating it. Say hello to ‘TSC’.

The meaning of this triple-initial title will remain shrouded in secrecy for now. What matters is the music as BCee goes back to his roots and lays down four sublime sessions just in time for the summer. Taking a break from his signature vocal collaborations, ‘TSC’ is all about foundation flexing as he rolls out with the samples and digs deep on the vibes.

Timeless elevation music and tailored for deep mix pleasure, each cut sparkles with that dusty sun-kissed soul so many of us fell in love with drum & bass through. From the gentle ebbs and flows and hazy horn toots of the opener ‘TSC’ to the space funk flurries of the finale ‘If I Had To Die For Someone’, the whole EP rumbles and rolls with a classic funk flare that BCee first made his name with… Setting us up for another 200 Spearhead releases in the process. Now who can guess what TSC stands for?

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