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Bert H & Content Of Void - On The Surface - Waterframes Music / WF005

Content of Void, steadily rising in the breaks scene with impressive releases on Guau's "Ochentaytres" label and Colombo's "333 Frequency", joins forces with Bert H to present "On The Surface", a powerful collaboration from two artists whose bond extends beyond their shared passion for innovative soundscapes.

"On The Surface" reflects the duo's meticulous crafting, creating layered atmospheres that are immersive yet maintain a crisp focus on the track's solid rhythm. The track retains a perfect balance of melancholic tender vocals, heavy bass and tight beats and crystal percussions, embodying both artists' unique styles, which beautifully combined into this stunning single.

This musical journey is a testament to their deep understanding of the genre, creating a compelling representation of Content of Void & Bert H's enduring camaraderie, and a shared zeal to push the frames of the breaks scene's sonic boundaries.

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