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Blaine Stranger & Solomon France ft. Venjent - Rewind - Viper Recordings / VPR280

Australia has paved itself as one of many microcosms for the wider drum & bass scene, something which hasn’t gone unnoticed by defining label Viper Recordings. After debuting their EP ‘Wizards of Aus’ throughout the last few months, featuring some of the best talent from that region, they now return alongside two of its counterparts. Blaine Stranger and Solomon France this time pulled together their individual skill sets for an explosive collaboration that marks another groundbreaking single under the Viper Recordings stamp. Both hailing from Australia, they continue their country's legacy under its banner with the sonic prowess of forthcoming record ‘Rewind’ ft. Venjent.

Venjent enters the mix with euphoric, lifting vocals as Blaine Stranger and Solomon France add a thumping undercurrent of ruminating bass. A perfect festival stomper, it’s a track to take you into the sunset on mainstages across continents. Another addition to the Australian and Viper Recordings connection, with more to come from its roster.

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