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Burr Oak - Symbolic - Eatbrain / EATBRAIN160

Within the depths of the mountains that bounded the known west lay an ancient monument, recently revealed by the retreat of a glacier that had once enveloped it. Upon its weathered surface were inscribed the runes of a forgotten language that imbued the surrounding area with weak but latent magic, calling silently to any living being that wandered into the valley within which it lay. Thus it was that twain wolves slept at the base of the monolithic structure, and thus it was that a pair of cowboys who had wandered far from home had come to stand before it as well.

Though none of the beings so inexorably gathered could read the inscription’s faded tongue, its message still rang resonantly within their souls, binding them to each other with the last of the stone’s stored energy. Within this pair of pairs, the broken bond between humanity and the beasts of the wild was restored, fostering a connection through which the will of the waystone’s creators was spoken for a final time. Filled with its sacred presence, the two cowboys tipped their hats to the wolves in honor before turning to each other in brief acknowledgment of their newfound purpose.


“Yeah, Sonny Jim?”

“‘Seems we got quite the ride layin’ ahead. How’s about we get back in the saddle and get to it?”

BURR OAK unleash SYMBOLIC as the last single in the lead-up to the release of their debut album Somewhere We Belong. As a track pulled from the beginning of the album’s thematic journey, SYMBOLIC provides a guide to the full breadth of the sonics that Somewhere We Belong contains, replete with glittering cinematic arpeggios and blistering basslines alike.

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