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Classifyed - Selecta! E.P - Natty Dub Recordings / NATTY072

Following on from Coda’s ‘Mister Beat’ EP, Natty Dub are on a roll with hot beats and this forthcoming smasher from Classifyed certainly doesn’t fall short. If you like your beats rough and tough with a hint of attitude, look no further than the ‘Selecta!’ EP.

Title track vibes a run with a kick and snare combo that slaps around the room, combined with a rattling low end with enough power to unscrew the subwoofers speaker grills. “Pull up, come again a badman selecta!” gives the crowd enough vocals prompts for a reload (not that they should bloody need one).

‘Bring It Back Now’ does its best to imitate a fully blown low end lazer gun with a multitude of one shot licks and rumbles. Slap in a filtered out breakbeat and tough muddy FX and you’re onto a winner. Don’t tell anyone about the overuse of a klaxon horn though, Tim Westwood might ring the doorbell.. Speaking of which, when you need some rounds in the chamber, Classifyed slings some your way in the form of ‘Artillery’. Another heavy as a waaaaah chunk of no nonsense jump up with a certain flair carried all the way from 2005.

Slipping back in time with ‘One for the Tribe’ brings all kinds of late 90’s feels into the mix. Isn’t it about time someone brought squidgy black back? Sod it, maybe we might stick up a Facebook poll and get shut down within 10 minutes just for the lolz.

Classifyed bringing the hard hitting beats for 2023, keep your eyes peeled!

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