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Classifyed - Straight From The Underground E.P - Twist Recordings / TWIST003

Coming Straight From The Underground, heavyweight bossman Classifyed is smashing through the barriers with this blinding shellar. This one has had some massive crowd reactions! You need to wack this one up tp high volume on the subs! You will not be disappointed!

Lets kick things off with the title track, "Straight From The Underground"! The intro and build up has floaty shimmering high hats and little euphoric elements which definitly bring the happy and hard stomping rave feels. The hip hop vibes on the vocals blend with the grittyness of that bass and as soon as you hear that first scretcher, it starts sending your head spinning sideways! You are now in the magical mess of the culture vulture. This one is twisted Enjoy!

Next up we have, "My Feelings For You". This naughty little 70's vocal switch up is a head turner! You may of heard the rifts of this one through the grapevine! A master on the production with his talented imagination and complete new wave of style, Classifyed brings you straight in to the feels with this one! That saucey grumbling bass gets you head over heels! What a lovely track!

"As We Enter" into this padded cell of a monterous banger, this one tricks you as it starts to gently ease you in. The subtle rumbles that are preparing you for some major ear damaging bass. The drop hits heavy and hard and you know that the rolling reese will carry the tune throughout. This one brings the fire!

Bring the balloons and the banners, as your in for a treat with this "Party Bag". This funky tune has a soulful feel, them Jazzy womps get your toe tapping. Classifyed shows his different techniques he's learned along the way in this one, bringing his own unique twist to the party. This tune pops!

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