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Coda - Smoked Out / Jabberwocky - Natty Dub / NATTY057

Coda’s already had some great releases with Natty Dub including ‘Chinese Finger Trap’ and ‘Filter Bubble’ so it’s of no surprise to see him back with a double A side slammer. Both ‘Smoked Out’ and the cheekily titled ‘Jabberwocky’ contain those all important Coda elements that we have all come to know and love. That Bristol sound of the 90’s combined with breakbeat hardcore influences is more than enough to keep things rolling.

Have no doubt that Coda is a master of disguise who can flip his style to any dangerous situation, whether that be driving a massive American muscle car as per the release art or smashing out a track called ‘Smoked Out’ with pretty much the same musical weight as its four wheeled counterpart. Its chunky kicks and snares command a rough and tough stance from the off which is effortlessly followed up by some trademark low end business. What a trip!

‘Jabberwocky’ is fun filled from beginning to the end with its multilayered earworm bass riffs and sweeping drones that's destined to get all the droids shocking out over at Chalmun's Cantina. Imagine the scenes! All that’s really needed here is Dynamite MC to compliment proceedings. Maybe a stand in role for the next Star Wars?

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