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Coop - Don't Sweat It / To Fork An Outlet - none60 / NSY041

After what was possibly our strongest year yet we kick off 2020 with a beautifully crafted release from #none60 newcomer #Coop!

"#DontSweatIt" kicks things off with some gorgeous #Certificate18 style pads and an infectious minimal two step beat before introducing a driving melodic bassline that would have been at home on a #GoodLookingEarth album! A lot is made about track length in Drum & Bass these days but every now and then a track just needs to be allowed to roll out and coming in at six minutes this is definitely one to zone out to!

"#ToForkanOutlet" changes the pace up with it's eerie intro, steadily building to a minimal but impactful drop that continues to warp with drum samples skipping in and out of the mix... this one makes for a great transitional track!

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