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Cyantific - Woman - Viper Recordings / VPR225

Cyantific treats us with his first single in 2021, releasing one of his most special singles to date, ‘Woman’. A love letter to the sounds he grew up with at home, ‘Woman’ is inspired by the turntable in the corner of the room and the soul records Jon’s parents listened to growing up.

Simultaneously nostalgic and new, Cyantific pays tribute to iconic sounds of the past with a creative new twist, something of a signature for the esteemed producer. Soothing and luxurious, this gentle number is rich in harmony and grace, charming vocals soaring over an uplifting liquid beat that is as captivating as it is unique.

Classic Cyantific through and through, ‘Woman’ gives us plenty of the nostalgia we’ve come to expect from the producer, but with a new, softer touch that leaves us craving more. Stunning and inspired, ‘Woman’ is set to be a standout of the year, and another strong highlight in a history of highlights for both the producer and the label.

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