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Cyberglobe Remix EP - VALE / VALE0056

Artist // voljum w. remixes by Maynix, Mind, Smigonaut, Uprising

Release // cyberglobe Remix EP (VALE0056)

Genres // Halftime, IDM, Neuro, Bass

One of the most successful releases on #VALE gets the full remix treatment. #Voljum’s “#Cyberglobe” EP see’s a varied and inspired series of remixes by label mainstays in #Maynix, #Mind, #Smigonaut, and #Uprising. T1. The title track “#Cyberglobe” receives an utterly funky and detail-oriented rethink by textural guru #Maynix. T2. #Smigonaut digs into his signature toolkit to introduce an impossibly clean and irresistible bop to the timeless “#ElectricForces”. T3. The sound design treasure trove “#Conceptual” finds a dark and encapsulating halftime remix by burgeoning producer #Mind. T4. The remix EP closes with an aggressive reimagination of “until the last breath” by #Uprising, where attacking sound design and song progression come en force. This #CyberglobeRemixEP is but one additional step for this project, with physical manifestations soon to come.

Bandcamp & SoundCloud ⇢ 8.21.20

Worldwide ⇢ 8.28.20


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