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Dan Structure - Kingpin EP - Context Audio / CTX023

"For the 23rd main label release on #Context, please give a warm welcome to the man like #DanStructure. As #BrixtonJamm’s bookings manager by day he’s no stranger to the scene, and no slouch on the buttons either with releases on #PeerPressure, #InfluenzaMedia and #Overflow.

He’s really brought his A game here with a full-length EP that covers a lot of ground in effort-less style. #Kingpin as a tune is pretty unique, as quirky as it is potent and full of fun mid-range noises, little breaks and a relentless, undulating vibe that position it somewhere between effective DJ tool and essential curio.

#Hadley, a man that shouldn’t need introducing, has taken #Kingpin and run with it pon the remix, leaving us with a veritable stinker that should leave your nan running for cover. #Cohesion doesn’t muck about either, going straight for the throat in stellar style. It’s big, it’s bold and it’s a straightforward, eyes on the prize weapon that’s meant to, and does, cause real damage.

Last, but by absolutely no means least we have #Rise. Featuring the dulcet tones of #Sydney on vocals, it’s soft, gentle and utterly sublime, rounding off the release in fine fashion.

As always with #Context releases the whole thing is more than the sum of its parts, bringing to-gether a range of flavours for a strong finished product. This one’s already been getting some early support off the likes of #Phaction and #Kyrist so, please, enjoy."

Beatport Exc: 25th Sept

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