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Datacode - No Place AV Project (IDM - Avant Garde)

#Datacode is a hardware enthusiast who creates his audio using a combination of "no-input" devices -- circuit bent mixers and audio components that he uses as his signal source before ruthlessly mangling it through his equipment. He then processes a combination of his own animations / jitter-based visuals with a multitude of sources, which he then mangles out of recognition to create something unique and new.

'#NoPlace' is a free online work that consitutes a unique mash-up of dataculture, combining widespread elements and influences from across the internet to form a leviathan of ideas and aesthetics. Participation is encouraged as we invite participants to take part in remixing either the audio or visual elements, or both of the piece to create their own interpretations.

Watch the full AV collage //

Free download of the first remix by Chrizpy Chriz X Aeterna X Poseidon X Leon Ross /

Those who wish to participate in the remix project can apply for the audio and visual assets here //

[No Place] 場所ではない //-- In the chapter "Wraithmachine" an audiovisual story was told of the random birth event of an artificial intelligence, following a system error (error 0x17) and the beginning of its conscience that determined its willingness to expand beyond physical limits. The new, following chapter unfurls the story of the violation that the AI puts in place in the network and its ensuing cyber attack. This A / V work was created to be reproduced every time in a unique way with random elements both in the audio and video, always representing the concept of "glitch", as the choice that the machine makes to a calculation and that distinguishes the result not only aesthetically, but also conceptual. It is of primary importance to note the choice that a machine can apply to a process, as it silently senses, evolves, and changes.

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