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DC Breaks - Club Thug - RAM Records / RAMM379

‘#ClubThug’ is the homecoming that #DCBreaks fans have been waiting for. It's the first track from their new #DCXV project, a celebration of #15yearsofDCBreaks which will be dropping throughout 2020. ‘#ClubThug’ is an amalgamation of the duos' signature dancefloor sound over the last 15 years. It conjures up memories of club anthems tracks like ‘#Swag’, ‘#LockIn’ and ‘#Gambino’, some of the most revered dancefloor-orientated records of their time.

With its growling, moody sub bass and signature #DCBreaks drums, ‘#ClubThug’ appeals directly to the audience the producers have spent nearly two decades building. A certified smasher, it takes their sound to new levels and kick starts the fifteenth year of #DCBreaks with a bang.

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