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Dead End - Strapped - Unchained Recordings / UNCH022

Mentored by one of the geniuses of the Portuguese Bass scene, the wonderful late Razat, RIP, Carlos Salgueiro, producing under the moniker #DeadEnd, has come from deep hip-hop roots to passionately embrace what has been labelled as the ‘future sound’ of Bass music. Tasteful pallets of abstract, ethereal structures, raw powered-up bass movements and artfully composed, but heavy as fuck, beats are just some of the ingredients.”

A few of the more open-minded Bass scenes including Bristol, Denver and Shenzhen, to name a few, have been embracing this crunchy, ‘Wonkay’ universe of Halftime for years now. Unchained are very much part of the this religion, operating under the same guiding principle….. “a bent frequency is a good frequency”

Enter Dead End with his “#Strapped” EP. Whilst we envision that this release may not necessarily be for the old school head, we love this for its dirty aesthetic, tidal wave low-end and for its effect on unsuspecting dancefloors.

As an aside, Unchained would like to thank everyone for their support in recent days and weeks, we very much appreciate it. We hope this EP and future Unchained releases see you through the end of lockdown.

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