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Deerhill - Upstream EP - MethLab Recordings / IAES012

We proudly unveil #DEERHILL's stunning journey music in the form of his #UPSTREAMEP on #MethLabRecordings. A fitting final release for the label, #UPSTREAM takes listeners on a unique and remarkable journey with its IDM and electronica aesthetics. "#UPSTREAM is a journey about overcoming a seemingly invincible obstacle and escaping the gravitational pull of certain human traits. #Upstream is not a direction, it's a dynamic force—a flow that’s bound to change and erasing whatever was and is. A fire in zero gravity—gorgeous, unpredictable, dangerous… There is no clear objective, no goal—only energy and the irrefutable certainty that this journey will lead to a deeper understanding of why everything is in a constant process of transformation. This is precisely reflected in the sonic and musical spectrum of the six tracks. It's the result of doubt, destruction, bliss, and change. It began by dropping into a void, but where does one land when gravity is constantly shifting? The darkness breaks open and you glare into an infinite starfield. The horizon begins to shimmer. Can you see it?" Deerhill Follow Deerhill:

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