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Delimit - Forsaken EP - Hidden Tracks / HIDTR008

Delimit's new EP, Forsaken, is a testament to their prowess as a drum n bass act. The tracks on this release showcase the group's versatility and ability to push boundaries within the genre. Forsaken typically means to be abandoned or deserted, left alone and without support. In the context of Delimit's new EP, Forsaken could be interpreted as a metaphor for the group's exploration of darker, more introspective themes in their music. The EP's haunting and evocative soundscapes evoke a sense of loss and longing as if the listener is traversing a desolate landscape.

Delimit's signature sound is present throughout the EP, with intricate drum programming, heavy basslines, and immersive sound design. Forsaken is a release that's sure to impress both long-time fans of the group and new listeners alike.

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