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Demigroove, Shibumi & Manifest - Exile (Shibumi Remix) | Revolt - Deception Recordings

Long-running drum & bass imprint Deception Recordings presents Exile (Shibumi Remix) / Revolt. A split single featuring Shibumi and label boss Manifest, the record is the latest edition to a deep back catalogue, which includes releases from the likes of BTK, Cold Fusion, Meth, 2ShyMC, Raiden and many, many more. Exile (Shibumi Remix) / Revolt marks Shibumi's return to Deception, having released 'Monitor & Deviant' in 2019 to widespread critical acclaim in the drum & bass scene. Label boss Manifest steps, too, and listeners can expect more from him this year.

Shibumi’s remix of Demigroove’s ‘Exile’ opens the single. Released on Deception Recordings back in 2016, the original track pulsates with scrappy bass lines and rugged percussion. In Shibumi’s hands, it’s turned upside down. The producer takes a snippet of the coiling bassline, stretching and hollowing it, ultimately turning ‘Exile’ into a driving banger with minimal tech vibes.

Manifest contributes ‘Revolt’. Piercing synths cut through the speakers at various frequencies, later joined by intermittent break patterns and muffled vocal samples. These elements make up the intro: long, winding, and designed to create maximum rave tension. ‘Revolt’ eventually races into crowbar bass patterns and cavernous percussion, the eerie samples in the background only adding to this track’s brain-melting atmosphere.

Exile (Shibumi Remix) / Revolt will land exclusively on Beatport & Spotify 21st March, arriving on all digital platforms two weeks later 4th April.

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