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Disrupta - Lost Souls / Listen - Onyx Recordings / OBS010

With the return of the football season, it’s fair to say there are some serious line-ups on show. Onyx Recordings can match them. While we may not be able to spend millions on our artists, Onyx have managed to secure one of the biggest line-ups a drum and bass single has seen of late with Disrupta enlisting Waeys, Mofes and Slay for his latest single “Lost Souls”.

As four names at the heart of the next generation of D&B talent driving the scene forward, it goes without saying that “Lost Souls” is something particularly epic. The A-side of the single “Lost Souls” sees Disrupta link up with Waeys and Slay for what is sure to be a track all the DJs draw for with its wobbling bass and smooth lyricism, whereas the B-side “Listen” features Disrupta and Mofes conjuring up a much darker hybrid jump up number.

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