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Dj Rap- Gone 2 The Afterparty EP1 - Propa Talent / 194

What can you say about an artist other than starting with a cliche comment that wouldn't be a miss on a late night talk show host's teleprompter.

“This lady needs no introdu….”

No… She doesn't. She’s Dj Rap!

Her label imprint `Propa Talent` in various forms has been releasing regularly since 1994 and is close to now showcasing its 200th release to date.

A momentous achievement for any record label. let alone a Drum & bass one.

Kicking us up this point `Propa talent` has selected an array of finely tuned tracks that will keep you dancing from the party to the `afters` and beyond and this is where we decide to bring in and debut the aptly named EP series “Gone To The After Party”

Part 1 consists of 3 Dj Rap self-produced tracks that will have you begging for part 2 in no-time at all.

1/ DJ Rap- “It Ain't Right”

Kickstarting the after party, “It Ain't Right” swings into action with an epic but simple chord sequence that wastes no time presenting the female vocal before the bass drops and we are set to go.

Jungle and bass time now. as our Reggae style vocals laid over the heavy percussion loop bring us to more female vocals leading yet again to those epic chords to lead us into the break and final drop.

The after party has begun.

2/ Dj Rap- “Everytime I Hear Music”

They say you never forget an amen break? Well you`ll never forget this one as Dj Rap uses it to perfection with a rude electro intro that leaves a bass stab and drum sequence to make you scream “ANTHEM”

“Every time I hear the music” echo’s throughout accompanied by a rip roaring Lead and bass that pulses through the speakers right into your memory bank of DNB catalogue labelled “Listen again and again”

3/ Dj Rap- “Control”

Amen to Amens because this one is rife with em` A much more tech influenced banger. Twisted full on synths and gated, time stretch vocals throughout bring a complete 180 of style compared to the opener. But no less an after party banger or midnight set destroyer than the last.

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