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DJ Rap - Saviour - Propa Talent / PTUSA191

Enigmatic artist DJ Rap has returned with a vibrant new joint dubbed ‘Saviour’, released on her own recording label, Propa Talent.

When it comes to fresh musical content, Propa Talent promises an array of inspired releases; perfectly personifying the passion and creativity of the artists it champions.

DJ Rap has put in a commendable shift on the music circuit, unleashing a fine selection of music that seamlessly showcases her multi-faceted skill set as a DJ and music producer.

‘Saviour’ is an explosive track brimming with a carefully selected arrangement of invigorating drum patters that fuse together to sculpt a slick, heavy-hitting drop that’s certified to tear up the dancefloor.

It remains an exciting time for DJ Rap as she continues to gift us with her sincere talent and hunger for music. Each release brings about layers to the artists impressive discography- demonstrating genuine confirmation of an undeniable up-and-coming music prodigy!

‘Saviour’ will be available exclusively on Beatport and Spotify from 3 rd February 2023,with the full release coming shortly after on 17 th February 2023.

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