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Ekko & Sidetrack ft. Sarah Carton - This Was Not Meant To Be Easy - Viper Recordings / VPR304

After two looks inside the brothers’ debut album (“The Light” feat. Ruth Royall and “No Good 4 Me”), Ekko & Sidetrack are back with yet another single – this time the frenzied liquid dance number “This Was Not Meant To Be Easy”.

Featuring the breathtaking vocal prowess of Sarah Carton, this eclectic tune stands in stark contrast from previous singles. Where “The Light” was all about elegant liquid vibes and “No Good 4 Me” a more sinister number, “This Was Not Meant To Be Easy” is boisterous, melancholic, and heterogenous in nature.

A rapid-fire intro sets a fast pace, juxtaposed against the calming presence of Sarah Carton’s voice. While telling a story that exudes melancholy and familiarity, the production itself is frenzied, drawing from the genre’s jungle roots with a shimmering, futuristic charm present in the lead melody.

A different sound for the duo, “This Was Not Meant To Be Easy” certainly sets the bar high as far as expectations go for the rest of the album. With three completely different tracks so far, you can be sure to expect the unexpected as the release of 'Nostalgic For Reality' draws closer. Stay tuned for more, only on Viper!

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