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Ephyum - Shrine EP - Bad Taste Recordings / BT135DD

After his first appearance on #BadTaste back in 2018 on the Chill Out Zone and then with the monumental #SabbaEP in 2019, Ephyum has now marked his way into the hearts of many. This #ShrineEP, the second on the label, sees him back with a brand new progression of sound. This Italian producer has truly crafted his ancient style into this modern, futuristic tale. His music sculpts a thousand words. If you listen, it will say.

#Chimerical opens the story with a theme like a melody that locks you in as it journeys forward.

Once fully submerged, #Fluctuation takes control. Pulsating through its subtle landscape as it gently sets a pathway through its calming mist of synths.

Humbly last stands the title itself, #Shrine. A sacred place for everyone to discover their thoughts and find out who they really are.

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