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Esym - Universe / Desolation - ProtoCode / PRTCD010

#Esym isn’t afraid to deliver the goods and he’s done so time after time for several labels, with the drum & bass producer slotting himself within the crates of imprints such as #BadTaste, #LockedConcept, #KRYTIKA, #T3k, #SubSine and #GoodKarmaMusic. However, a place where he’s found a frequent home is with #Protocode, a label born from the Perth underground scene, where #Esym himself hails from. The Australian city has spearheaded a wide array of careers throughout the drum & bass scene, taking the sounds of its inhabitants and placing them globally. When looking at #Esym’s wide range of support, including the likes of #BlackSunEmpire, #Noisia, #Neonlight, #DrumsoundAndBasslineSmith and #Misanthrop, it’s clear to see that he’s another export from the sunshine city.

Jumping between his deep, tech vibes, through to the daintier throes of liquid and the growling compositions of #neurofunk, #Esym caters to a range of sub genres. But for this release on #Protocode he makes a return to the darkly focused records which have made his sets (supporting names such as #DeltaHeavy, #ZombieCats, #Modestep and #Enei) so talked about amongst the grassroots Australian dancefloors. You’re first reintroduction ‘#Universe’ presents an A-side which commands your full attention, homing in on the darker undercurrents of #Esym’s mind. Building with an epic, drum rolling introduction, its first dramatic breakdown begins with a flurry of beat patterns until its eventual fall takes you down with it. The track’s pounding kicks give it a groove which takes you along with it and every listener will find it impossible not to move along to its beats.

‘#Desolation’ presents a B-side with a soundscape which is just as intricate. With a driving motion that pushes the track forward, ‘#Desolation’ has more of a rolling disposition. It’s twisted bass notes move you through each set of grooves and you become completely captured in its movements.

With these tracks, #Esym makes a comeback on #Protocode for one more single and in doing so, he reidentifies why he’s claimed so much support from across the full spectrum of drum & bass.

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