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Esym - Wandering The Stars - ProT3Kt / PROT3KT010

The Little Owl’s history with humans stretches way back. Little Owls were immortalised on ancient coins and skyphos (wine cups) in around 500 BC in the Mediterranean as a symbol of the Greek goddess Athena, and they even make a cameo in the Bible. Throughout the centuries popular superstition labeled these owls as harbingers of death, while some cultures celebrated them as icons of practicality, knowledge and wisdom. We should definitely make sure these adorable stern-faced, big-eyed, wise little birds don’t disappear from the world’s woodlands. That is the reason why we will donate all proceeds from the release to Nature And Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU).

Esym from Australia produces deep Neuro and techy Liquid with a strong cinematic twist and he always accomplishes to write a lot of funk into his tracks. In big letters. He had stunning releases on T3K Recordings before and you can find more of his music on ProtoCode as well as appearances on Cyberfunk, Drumatch and Code Smell. Nice to have him back. A big thank you to Mimbelbi for the artwork.

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