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Exile - Button Mashing ft. Trafic MC / Can You Feel It - Viper Recordings / VPR262

A label renowned for bringing new names into the spotlight, the latest act to have caught Futurebound’s ear goes by the name of Exile. Making his Viper debut alongside Trafic MC with a two-sided single, ‘Button Mashing’ and ‘Can You Feel It’ are the perfect introduction to this budding talent’s sound.

First up to bat is ‘Button Mashing’, a sinister number with impressive technical ability. Featuring local favourite Trafic MC, the track is dark & ominous from the get-go, begging to be played deep in the underground. A nod to neurofunk drum & bass, this fast-paced and intricate production is accompanied by the captivating bars of Trafic MC, making for one seriously filthy result. Bass heavy and frenzied, Exile is sure to turn more than a few heads amongst peers and fans alike – a truly remarkable debut.

The flipside of the single offers something completely different, standing in stark contrast from its counterpart. Displaying incredible diversity and mastery, Exile delivers a glamorous liquid number, equally complex but with a much gentler atmosphere. Bright and luxurious, ‘Can You Feel It’ is an elegant dreamscape that will sweep you off your feet.

With two completely different but equally impressive tracks, there’s no doubting Exile’s debut is a strong one, and you already know there’s plenty more in store from Viper in 2022.

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