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Faysha - Gucci Belt EP - Jungle Cakes / JC117

Gucci? Shouldn’t we be wearing Moschino when it comes to jungle music? Well, according to rising star Faysha, it’s all about flipping the script as #JungleCakes represents this rough and ready 4 tracker. From the steppy sounds of ‘#BigSound’ to the outrightly bonkers mashup of ‘#LoveHowSheBamBam’ this release covers all sides of the upfront jungle scene and beyond. ‘#AlreadyDead’ takes inspiration from ‘94 with its great horn intro and classic breakbeat pattern while title track ‘#GucciBelt’ is certainly reminiscent of earlier #TwistedIndividual vibes. Certainly not one for the bedroom on full blast if you’re still living with the parents.. Certainly something different from the #JungleCakes squad and with plenty of surprises in store for 2020, #Faysha should be on everyone's radar right now..

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