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Fearful - FKD / XINF - Diffrent Music / DIFF044

#DiffrentMusic preps two juxtaposing cuts from label stalwart #Fearful in ‘#FKD’ / ‘#XINF’.

Summing up 2020 in name and sound — though actually produced prior to the current crisis — ’#FKD’ brings darkness and danger via urgent beat shifts and shadowy tech contortions. A bouncy step keeps things moving, but this one is all about that distorted b-line tearing through the mix.

‘#XINF’ couldn’t be more of a contrast. Playful percussive rolls fill an otherwise sparse beat, while huge swells of low-end and fizzing synth tones combine into an epic, uplifting cerebral crescendo. A classical masterpiece rewired for a hopeful future.

Both tracks hint at old school #Diffrent vibes, but applied from a fresh perspective not heard before on the label. #Fearful’s ‘#FKD’ / ‘#XINF’ is out Friday 27th November on digital and limited edition 10” vinyl.

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