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Feindsoul, Jinx, Bassface Sascha - Gangster Sound / Lickwood - Revolver Sounds / REV010

For catalogue number 10, #RevolverSounds ceo #Feindsoul teamed up with British producer #Jinx as well as with his long time production partner #BassfaceSascha.

#Jinx & #Feindsoul - #GangsterSound A catchy flute sample, a funky break and a dope dragon bass line - what more does it need to turn Hare Krishna into a bad boy? #GangsterSound has been on dub plate for a while, causing some serious damage on the dance.

#BassfaceSascha & #Feindsoul - #Lickwood #Bassface and #Feindsoul on an Amen tip! This tune is a reminiscence to Jamaican sound clash culture, combining pretty obvious samples, a rolling beat and a dense braid of bass lines to timeless piece of jungle-inspired drum and bass

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