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FLM - Big Wish - Warm Ears Music / EARS021

(25th May 2020, London, UK) #WarmEarsMusic a young but fast-growing Drum & Bass label based in London welcomes Serbian producer #FLM, with his debut album “#BigWish”.

#FLM is fresh on the DnB scene, but has been making music for many years as a professional musician with roots in Hip Hop. His experience with various instruments and synthesizers can be felt throughout the 11 track album. His background in Hip Hop culture shows itself through the funky-breakbeats and raspy basslines, which roll against the catchy melodic synth and lead lines. There’s something for everyone here, from the funky feeling of “#Heat”, to the main room jungle breaks of “#Catharsis” and uplifting vibes of “#WhenSheGetsTheFlower”.

#FLM stands for ‘#FreeLittleMedicine’, which can be fully appreciated after listening to this album. A versatile, full spectrum multi-vitamin of musical nourishment. Just what the doctor ordered.

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