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FRAGZ - Bump Ahead / Crush - C4C Recordings / C4CDIGUK062

#Cause4Concern provide the goods with another release that continues a trend they set decades prior with the first part of their catalogue. An imprint which was brought together by the combined forces of producers #Optiv and #CZA, they are one of the most influential labels within the drum & bass genre, something which was reinforced following the outpour of support which followed #Optiv’s sad passing in the latter half of 2019. However, #C4C remains at the helm of drum & bass and has shown that #Optiv’s spirit still lives on through their plans for 2020, with #CZA committing himself to pushing the label’s history into another chapter. After recently unleashing #Juno's new EP '#Phaser' through the platform’s sister label, #C4CLimited, and with the forthcoming final part to #MeanTeeth’s ‘#BringBacktheFunk’ LP on the horizon, the imprint makes way for #Fragz new single ‘#BumpAhead’ , due to drop in April.

Having launched his own podium for releasing music, #Surveillance, #Fragz has tailored his fan base through music on the likes of #RedLight and #Eatbrain, too. He’s no stranger to #C4C, having already made his debut years before this forthcoming output. For the first part of this two tracker #Fragz melds his undeniable penchant for zipping basslines alongside the production might of both #Optiv and #CZA, who use #Fragz technicality whilst zapping their own antiquated, beloved monikers which have enabled the pair to reign supreme over the years. ‘#BumpAhead’ is chaotic, jumping between its switches whilst proving to be an impenetrable dancefloor offering.

Its flipside ‘#Crush’ then welcomes #VolatileCycle into battle, once again calling on a set of collaborators to create an explosive concoction of an already revered sound. A driving, forceful number, ‘#Crush’ creates hooks that snag your aural senses and leave you freefalling between each twist of bass.

Coming together for #Fragz next delivery on #C4C, #CZA, the late #Optiv and #VolatileCycle prove their weight alongside the Portuguese stalwart.

Beatport Exc: 27th Apr

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