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Freek & Kit - Calm - Multi Function / MFUN001

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

When #Kit and #Freek were introduced, they weren’t aware of just how significant their chance encounter would become. And over time they realised their joint love for music, merging their styles to create a fresh as well as different take on the evolving world of drum & bass. With their first two collaborations ‘#Once_Again’ and ‘#Phat_Cat’ leading the charge, fans soon became aware of just how pivotal this blending of talents would prove to become. Debuting on Freek’s ‘#Unholy’ EP in 2016, they began to develop a signature which would soon grow a sizeable audience.

Although having such an eclectic range of influences between them, with #Kit pouring over the records of #Prince and #Nat_King_Cole, whilst #Freek drew inspiration from both drum and bass and rock/metal, their sound soon resonated over a wide standard of tastes. Their musical training, which enabled them to turn their hand to a wide array of instruments, has enabled them to write great tracks which are impressive both musically and electronically.

‘#Calm’ is the first part of their new project as a duo, although it continues the theme from ‘#Phat_Cat’ with its swinging beats, catchy vocals and thumping bassline. It’s already gathered momentum within the underground drum & bass scene, whilst also alluding to the next steps their gearing up to take throughout the remainder of 2019.

Released through #Multi_Function, the events brand turned label which already has a dominant position within the wider world of dance music parties, it seemed like the perfect place for #Kit and #Freek to platform their show-stopping next single. Alongside its wobbling, weight-driven bass notes and its jazzy instrumentals, ‘#Calm’ brings you into the expert musicality of #Freek whilst also doing justice to #Kit’s superb vocals. Whilst #Multi_Function is known for its moody rollers and cuts which pack a punch through DJ sets, ‘#Calm’ adds another dimension to this brand. With #Freek being a long-time member of the #Mult_Function crew and with #Kit offering his sublime voice into the mix, the imprint and events podium are dedicating themselves to broadening scope for 2019.

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