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Furious Freaks - Far Out (Ripple Remix) - Empire Records

Fresh from their recent reboot of Depeche Mode’s ‘Enjoy The Silence’, Czech heavyweights Ripple continue their current remix raid with this rugged-yet-restrained take on ‘Far Out’ on Empire Recordings.

Paying full respect to fellow Czech act Furious Freaks’ original, Let It Roll residents Ripple maintain the minimal mischief of ‘Far Out’ but do so with an added layer of devious dark funk that’s full of interesting surprises and switches.

Loaded with plenty of movement in the kick drums and a sexy, hip-swaying bassline that seems to purr and breathe before your very ears, there’s a great sense of fun in the groove and a structure that makes it so much fun to mix.

Perfect for those surprise drop scenarios, or moments where you need to give the dancefloor a moment for reflection, there’s a delicate sense of restraint at play as Ripple deftly flip between tech and dancefloor, always with their eyes on keeping you moving. ‘Far Out’ by name… ‘Far Out’ by nature, this is one of Ripple’s deepest and most beguiling productions to date.

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