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Gancher & Ruin - Interceptor - NMA / NMA003

Born into a top secret, super soldier program hidden deep behind the iron curtain, Russian duo #GANCHER & #RUIN were bred as one of Russia’s most powerful weapons of mass destruction. Combining strength, speed and raw neuro-firepower, the twins are ready to unleash their most devastating creation to date, a brand new imprint known as #NMA, #NoMusicAllowed. Following the Sabotage, #Reflection EP, Fantasia and the #Chase EP twins are showing their vision of modern Russian Drum & Bass scene.

The tracks of this release are about two old soviet military prototypes that had never come into production. We are opening this document case for you so you can have a look at these beasts. ‘#INTERCEPTOR’ is a truly non-compromised powerful Russian tank driven by punks in city center. On the other side ‘#BOOST’ is a prototype of soviet nuclear powered high-speed train.

Featuring two new powerful rollers, ‘#INTERCEPTOR’ and ‘#BOOST’ as the third release, #NMA is set to be this year’s true Beast From The East. Packed with all the outrageous reece bass and heavyweight drum work you’ve come to expect from Russia’s most deadly disciples, #NMA is ready to set the wheels in motion for full on, world domination.

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