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Gancher & Ruin - No Regrets / Propaganda - Eatbrain / EATBRAIN102

Their city was in shambles. Under the iron grip of a hostile takeover by a global megacorporation, the once thriving metropolis had ground to a halt. Bustling streets had become paths for ghosts alone, and at night the city’s vibrant neon glow shone ominously above their silent forms. Looming above it all was the new headquarters built by the megacorp, a massive superstructure reaching higher than the city’s most prominent spires. Visible citywide, its presence was a symbol of their dominion, an ever present reminder of the population’s new overlords.

It was under the gaze of this monolithic structure that a single vehicle traveled, a phantom on the empty streets that traveled with sleek efficiency. Inside sat two brothers, identical in both appearance and devotion to their sole cause. Natives of this once great city, they carried with them the key to its salvation and all the weight that it bore. As they tore through the boulevards of its heart they made no effort to hide their presence, choosing to announce themselves with the roar of their engine in the knowledge that they had surely already been seen. Still they pushed on, united in the pursuit of a single goal. Together, they knew that their mission could see their end, but in their righteous duty they bore not a single reservation. As they passed the titanic headquarters of the corporation, the brother at the wheel slowed but for a moment, allowing his twin to strike with an aim precise and true. From the window of the vehicle flew a small round device, which shattered the headquarters front door with a crash. Slamming pedal to the floor the brothers erupted forth, further forwards, and their engine roared in defiance as alarms and sirens erupted beside them. Though they knew all too pursuers would do, their task was complete and they had seen its course through. In five simple minutes a great fireball would rip that behemoth to shreds, and whether captured or free the brothers had NO REGRETS.

#Gancher & #Ruin take the wheel of the #Eatbrain machine as they deliver their latest #NoRegrets EP on the label, bringing with them the full frenetic force of the sonics born of their twin minds. Following the launch of their new #NMA imprint, #Gancher & #Ruin return to #Eatbrain for an EP fueled by their high octane sound as they propel the #Eatbrain horde forwards with #NoRegrets.

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