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Gancher & Ruin - Punk / Big Boss - NMA / NMA004

With 2020 #NMA is happy to reveal another powerful release from Russian twin brothers #GancherAndRuin. Combining wild energy and Russian madness they are ready to show you another ace in the hole called ‘#Punk’. After releasing ‘#Interceptor’ and ‘#Sabotage’ on #NMA this release will be their second strike of 2020 after ‘#Erase’ on #HoofbeatsMusic. Everyone knows how life can be tough. When kid is young and there is nothing to do in the neighbourhood he usually goes hardcore just for fun.

Someone calls this young troublemaker ‘#Punk’. He believes in rebellion. And that is something wild in him that makes his life goes on the way he wants. Powerful drums with tight snare and rolling breaks shows you the nature of the punk. Many years later this punk grew up in a ‘#Big Boss’. And there is still something inside him that he never gave up. He still behave the same way he did when he was young. Just because this is exactly what brought him to this point. The sound of ‘#BigBoss’ is different from ‘PUNK’ but it surely keeps the same vibe deep inside. Packed with the deep bassline and easy drums it surely shows you the look of that big boss.

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