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GIANT22 - Chapter Eleven - EPO22 Music Tales / EPO22011

Chapter Eleven

Discover the electrifying world of GIANT22's Drum & Bass mastery on EPO22 Music Tales! Brace yourself for the sonic adventure that is "The Force Within," featuring mind-bending samples from California based Professor Funk, and "No Acid Lab." GIANT22 takes bold steps into the realm of 4-to-the-floor beats while keeping the classic Drum & Bass vibes alive and pulsating. These tracks are a rollercoaster of innovation and nostalgia. Dive in now and let GIANT22's musical wizardry set your senses on fire!

Immerse yourself in the enchanting soundscape of "Within The Beat"! GIANT22 has collaborated with Professor Funk to craft this innovative track. Experience the fusion of contemporary 4-to-the-floor beats with the timeless charm of broken beats, as cherished in the world of Drum & Bass. This track will captivate your senses and transport you on an electronic music journey and beyond...

Delve into the authentic essence of Drum & Bass with GIANT22's "No Acid Lab." This track not only embodies GIANT22's exploration of the genre's evolution but also pays homage to its rich heritage. Experience the quintessential Drum & Bass energy in the drops, while 4-to-the-floor beats dominate the intro of the track. "No Acid Lab" serves as both an ode to the versatility of electronic music and a clever homage, incorporating ironic sample usage that adds an intriguing layer to its mesmerizing soundscape.

Art for the artwork by: Jeroo One [ ]

Mixed & Mastered by: GIANT22


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