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Gino - Sacrifice EP - Dynamic Audio

“#Sacrifice” the latest release on #DynamicAudio brings to the forefront #Gino, one of DnB’s fastest rising stars! This four track EP perfectly encompases #Gino’s ability as a producer of supreme talent, individual style and sound. Simultaneously pushing boundaries yet staying true to the energy and vibe so vital to a killer track, and it’s not just one killer track but four… all honed and crafted to a total hard edged dancefloor perfection, with the tracks already Supported by the behemoths in the scene and in regular rotation in their sets this summer in the Club and Festival Circuits we can expect a bright future for the one they call #Gino...

#Sacrifice: The title track from the ep needs no introduction, here what you will find is a piece of music so intricately produced and cleverly programed that words alone can not do it justice. Be it the perfectly layard vocal samples, the pulsating bass that drives the track forward, or the stepping swing from perfectly placed kicks and snares, but don’t get it twisted though. This is not just a piece of coldly produced music, it’s beautiful and terrifying in equal proportions an organic, living, breathing monster of tune, literally eating the dancefloor when it drops. This is the new sound. The sound of Tomorrow, Today.

#Vindictive: #Vindictive instantly leads us into an intro that is playful yet menacing, sharp yet sugary, tempting yet unnerving. With vocal echoes, sparse kicks and a drum roll to the drop that catapults you into a stepper of epic proportions, we are talking crisp snares, drums, snippets of vocal shouts. And shakers that add pace and forward motion. If bullied turned bully then this would be the theme tune to that metamorphose.

#AllowMe: The introduction is uplifting and beautiful, distorted muted strings and kicks lift you up to the drop, and then drop you square on your head… A perfect piece of jump up rolls out before you, with a nod towards the classic #DynamicAudio sound reworked for 2019. its big its brassy and it works.

#IToldYou: Takes no prisoners. From the off it’s industrial, hard edged and relentless, building a sense of what’s to come From the intro. It drops into a fast paced slice of electronic genius, constantly moving and changing, building on itself and rising ever higher. it stabs back and forth but never loses sight of where its going. #IToldYou is not for the faint of heart, but then if we made music for the faint of heart this would be a liquid ep.

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