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GLXY - Fear, Ego EP - Shogun Audio / SHA251

With a sonic palette coated in majestic melodies, luscious sound design, and masterful mixdowns, D&B duo GLXY have been creating some of the highest calibre liquid drum and bass since their emergence in 2015. Raising the levels once again with their latest body of work, Shogun Audio proudly presents the 'Fear, Ego' EP, a six-track, stripped-back masterpiece that sees Jon & Tom combine a handful of idyllic productions with collaborations with Lenzman, Halogenix, and Zoe Kypri.

Hot off the back of their 'By Design' EP, this latest project sees the duo further cement their beguiling signature sound whilst venturing into new spaces that encapsulate their ability to continuously keep things fresh year after year. Emitting sumptuous amounts of soul, sonic serenity, and superb sampling, the 'Fear, Ego' EP effortlessly wanders across moods in the most brilliant of fashions.

Whether you're listening to groove-laden sounds of 'Unconditional', their first collaboration with Halogenix, the dark and techy sounds of '3C Roller', or Lenzman's vibrant remix of 'New Soul', this EP is packed full of flavours that will appeal to fans across the D&B spectrum.

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